24/7 Emergency Service
15 Years of Experience 
Fire Hydrant Services
  • ​Installations/Replacements
  • ​Complete Repair Services
  • ​​Complete Maintenance Programs

Valve Services
  • Valve Insertions
  • Valve Cleaning & Exercising
  • Rounded/Broken Valve Nut Replacement (without excavation!)

Water Main Flushing
  • Unidirectional & Conventional Programs

  • Flow Testing

Leak Detection
  • Leak Detection Surveys

  • 24 Hour Emergency Leak Locating

  • ​​Leak Correlation

Water Main Services
  • Hot & Wet Tapping up to 24"
  • Direct Tapping up to 2"
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing 
  • Water Main & Service Installation and Repairs
  • 24 Hour Emergency Main & Service Repairs
  • Large Diameter Pipe Cutting
  • Chlorination & De-chlorination
  • Water Main Camera Capabilities
  • Inspection & Consulting Services
  • Underground Pipe & Valve Locating
Line Stopping

Underground Pipe & Valve Locating

Small & Large Meter Installation
Rebuild/Repair all makes and models of tapping/drilling machines

About Hydra Tech

Call Your Fire Hydrant & Water Main Specialists When You Want It Done Right!

It has successfully grown over 15 years to now include 8 trucks in our fleet and an abundance of equipment to be able to provide the best and most up to date service to our customers as possible.  Hydra Tech, Inc. brings an unmatched amount of quality service and knowledge to the water industry. Our services begin with you, as the client, and extend to the community with water system maintenance. We believe in helping our clients serve their community to the highest standards. At Hydra Tech, Inc., we are committed to quality service, dependability, safety and professional workmanship. We understand and believe in catering to the wide range of demanding needs of municipal and private water systems.

Services provided by Hydra Tech, Inc.:

(978) 422-9001 
Licensed, Bonded & Insured

"No Problems, Just Solutions"